The first big ‘Halo 5’ update brings 16-player vehicle battles

Big Team Battles in 'Halo 5'

Whatever you think of Halo 5‘s solo component, 343 Industries is determined to keep you interested in the multiplayer part. As part of a first content drop due next week (Battle of Shadow and Light), the studio is introducing 16-player Big Team Battles where vehicles play a big role. If your favorite memories of Halo involve epic Warthog duels, you’ll likely get a kick out of the new mode and its four accompanying maps. You’ll also find dozens of armor, weapon and vehicle sets (such as the Tundra Mantis, below). It should all be good news if you’re a fan of the Halo series, although the real question is whether or not 343 will keep this up. Hopefully, you won’t run out of things to do in the Xbox One’s flagship title several months down the road.


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