Animation Fraud In India

Last year I posted about exploitation of workers at Prime Focus in India. Well now things are starting to snowball with demonstrations and a Facebook page dedicated to exposing expensive VFX and Animation training institutes in India.

I’ve said often that I believe the amount of work going to cheap labor locations like India is overstated.

Below is a statement from the Facebook page:

The truth about animation industry in India.
the “ANIMATION” industry in India is going through a very tough time. most of the big animation studios like crest, prana, dq entertainment, big animation are removing people in huge numbers. most of the studios have reduced to half or less than half of there original strength.most of the studios don’t have any new projects for future. no one knows when any of them might close.
but still nobody is telling this to the students and there parents. the animation institutes are still projecting a rosy picture of the industry. they are the only people making money. they charge lakhs of rupees from students, selling dreams of working in animation industry and in companies like pixar dreamworks etc. they give them dreams of working in Hollywood. but in reality there education is so pathetic that the students don’t even get selected in indian studios. and with all the job cuts happening there is no demand for any new people.In fact the people who are working in companies also don’t know when they might be thrown out. but still the institutes are throwing around figures and statements like “Indian animation industry needs 100000 people” “Indian animation industry is a mutli billion dollar industry” and stuff like that.
the truth is that there is no “boom” in industry.
coming to the salary .the salary is disgusting. u get 6000 to 7000 per month after spending about 1.5-2 lakh rupees and have to work long hours. how can u survive with such salaries in metros(like mumbai,delhi,hyderabad,banglore etc) where all the studios are situated.
and there is no work satisfaction. all the so called animation companies in india are sweatshops for US and europe companies. the main selling point of the animation education by institutes is “CREATIVITY” “IDEAS” ETC. but u don’t get creative freedom in the companies.

and regarding the placement of there students that the institutes say , people should ask them how many students among the so called “Placed” students work in a actual “Animation” or “VFX” company.
the truth is that most of the so called “Placed” students work as graphic designers at small time companies ranging from photo studios(where there job is cleaning images of people) to designing pamphlets for coaching classes. and they get salaries about 5000.
Also they make there students faculties.when the person has not worked in the industry how can he teach others about it.


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