CGI VFX Breakdowns SAMSUNG Coliseum Spot MPC Advertising no sound

Check out this revealing behind the scenes VFX breakdown of the SAMSUNG TVC spot by the talented team at MPC! The ad was created to launch Samsung’s world first curved UHD television, with the commercial shot and delivered entirely in 4K and directed by Park Picture’s Nathan Price.

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MPC’s VFX team, led by Franck Lambertz and Carsten Keller, extended the purpose built coliseum, replicated the braying crowd and created the wide shot completely in CG. MPC’s pioneering technology and engineering departments re-worked parts of the pipeline in order to work at three different resolutions and frame rates simultaneously: HD, Ultra HD 25P and Ultra HD 60P for which viewing devices are still in development.

The cinematic opening wide shot was developed from a series of concept drawings by MPC’s in-house team. Initially using matte painting, the scene was then built up in CG, incorporating intricate details. The crowd is a combination of in-camera plates, 3D crowds and additional detailed matte painting.

Following a detailed 3D pre-vis and concept drawings, the shoot took place in New Zealand where the production team built part of the coliseum.

MPC’s 3D team then built the remainder of the structure using Nuke.

Director Nathan wanted as much of the action to be captured in-camera as possible, which required a huge cast and crew. MPC utilised proprietary crowd replication technology, ALICE to take the 200 extras and build up a crowd of over 10,000 in the wide shot. Close up crowd shots were shot as HD plates and built up into the scene


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