FATE – Official Teaser

While exploring ancient temple a thief will face the gears of destiny. We introduce “FATE” – new fantasy short animation by EVERMOTION. Read about FATE project and see Concept Art here: goo.gl/d4Al2f

– Producer: Krzysztof M. Kundzicz
– Executive Producers: Pawel Gajlewicz, Adam Kozlowski
– Director: Adam Guzowski
– Scene Assembling: Rafal Waniek
– Character Artist: Barbara Witkowska, Iwo Widulinski
– Modeling: Rafal Waniek, Adam Zimirski, Pawel Mierzynski, Barbara Witkowska, Andrzej Augustyniak
– Animation / Rigging: Kamil Kuklo
– Shaders: Rafal Waniek, Jakub Dabrowski, Barbara Witkowska
– FX: Adam Guzowski
– Lighting / Rendering: Adam Guzowski
– Composition: Adam Guzowski
– Concept Arist: Iwo Widulinski
– Additional Concept Design: Piotr Jablonski, Piotr Makal
– Programming: Przemyslaw Chren
– Editing: Adam Janeczko
– Music: Szymon “EsDwa” Kubas
– SFX: Piotr Niedzielski, Szymon “EsDwa” Kubas

Evermotion VFX is a visual effects, CG environment and character animation company. We create advertising, entertainment and branded content. Evermotion artists are capable to work on every production stage of cinematic – from pre-visualization, through modeling and animation to postproduction. Our quality was proven by incorporating our staff in many projects. Some of our clients: Al Jazeera, Aggressive TV, Platige Image, Whirlpool, Visual Noise, Vertic, Square Clock. We are based in Bialystok, Poland.


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