Fatfish Animation is a new collective composed of four young directors.

Fatfish animation is a new french collective composed of four young directors. Since they met each other in their year of master’s degree at Bellecour School of Art, they learnt to work together after they discovered their complementary technicals and artistics profils.

Their short film, “Glouglouton” had been selected for a video mapping during the 2012 edition of the Lyon “festival des lumières” (light fest). Most of their short film are still seen around the world in international festival (China International New Media Short Film CSFF, San Marino Film Festival etc…).


Today, Fatfish Animation brings on your screen, four tv shows all in a different gender:

Adventure with Aldrin’s Moons
Humor with Barababor
Travel with Cosmotouristes
Sitcom with Les Norms (website coming soon…)

The collective appeals to public’s contribution by launching a fundraising campaign. They go fishing with Ulule, the european crowdfunding leader! With the money they ask, they will be able to finalise their projects’ teasers and make them know to producers who will be present at The Annecy International Festival Film Market.

Rendez-vous sur http://www.ulule.com/fatfishanimation du 28 avril au 23 mai ! Les projets sont à découvrir sur fatfishanimation.com.

You can download our press release at this adress .


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