The Verge (Radio Edit)- by Lightfarm Studios

Check out this insightful behind the scenes, as Lightfarm Studios celebrate the launch of their 3rd Studio – Lightfarm Brasil, based in Rio, with “The Verge” a look behind the scenes at the creation of an epic sci-fi image! For more information about please see the details & links below:

Original artowork by Andre Freitas aka.Raqsonu –

Website –
Facebook –… Like them Now! 🙂


At Lightfarm Studios we specialize in creative retouching and CGI, including custom 3d modeling, character creation, CGI stills and animated sequences, along with shoot support services such as HDRi captures and realtime 3d pre-visualization.
From pre-production to proof we work closely with photographers, art directors, and designers building successful creative partnerships and bringing concepts to life. We know there’s more to it than just the latest technology, we understand effective visual communication and pride ourselves on the high level of realism and photographic integrity in our work.

Partners Simon McCormack and Dennis Monk each bring many years of international experience to image creation, leading a team of highly talented artists and technical wizards. Click below for more information on key people…

Music Track by Vitaliy Ghost – Monsoon , AWJ recordings –


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