Titanfall DLC map Swampland screenshots and details released

Get a look at the third map included in the Expedition DLC coming later this month.
The third and final map in the upcoming Expedition DLC pack for Titanfall, Swampland, has been unveiled, complete with our first look at some screenshots of it in action.

The name of the map gives you the gist of it: Swampland is set in a swamp, albeit one with some man-made structures around. It’s the trees, however, that are the stars, as detailed in a blog post written by Respawn Entertainment designer Chris Dionne.

“Initial layouts of the new Swampland added a bunch of IMC buildings, temples and massive infrastructure,” he explained. “While that structure created clearly defined paths and gave Pilots safe havens and places to wall-run, the level lost its personality.”
Dionne eventually realized the trees were what made the map fun. “I shifted the dense forest section to the center of the map, and kept three main structures as anchor points around the perimeter,” he said. “This encouraged Pilots and Titans to pass through the woods as they moved from building to building. The final design push then focused on small changes to enhance those interactions – adjusting sight lines, making interiors more interesting to fight over, encouraging flow, and so on.”

Swampland originated from an idea in the summer of 2011 of setting a level in a swamp. Work on it began but was set aside “for almost two years.” Once the game was complete, Dionne decided to bring it back. The video below provides a brief glimpse at the design process that went into its creation.

Swampland is one of three maps in the Expedition DLC releasing later this month. (It’s unclear if this release date is true for all platforms; GameSpot has contacted EA for confirmation.) The other two maps, War Games and Runoff, have already been detailed by Respawn. The DLC will be priced at $10, but gamers planning on picking up all three planned DLC packs can opt for a $25 season pass. In addition to the DLC, Respawn also plans on releasing a new 2v2 Last Titan Standing mode as part of a free update at some point.

Total sales figures for Titanfall, which was released on the Xbox One and PC in March and Xbox 360 in April, have yet to be released. What publisher Electronic Arts has revealed is that the game sold 925,000 copies at retail in the United States during March. It also announced a new deal this week that will see it publish new “Titanfall experiences” in the future


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