Project Temporality is an indie time-manipulation game from former Massive dev

Project Temporality, an indie single-player co-op game from a former Massive Entertainment developer, will be released on May 20 on Steam.
The third-person action and puzzle game is built around the idea of playing with time, allowing players to exist in many parallel timelines through rewinding and fast-forwarding using “time clones” to help solve puzzles. Progression will follow a story of human oppression, as told by people from all walks of life.

The project is helmed by Niklas Hansson of Defrost Games, who previously worked at the Swedish studio on titles such as World in Conflict and Ground Control 2.

“I had my dream job, but somehow that wasn’t enough,” Hansson says of his decision to go indie. “After 11 years of making RTS games, working on another one didn’t really felt inspiring. And working in a modern military setting didn’t really do it for me. War is a horrible, horrible thing. Glorifying it as a job didn’t feel right. I also was worried about the longer and longer release cycles.”

“So I really had no choice except to go indie.”

Temporality was Greenlit on Steam in March. It will release on May 20 on Steam.

Hansson’s former studio Massive is best known for its Ground Control RTS series. It has been owned by Ubisoft since 2008.

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